× ⓘ AHFE 2024 scientific program will offered both in-person (onsite) and virtual (online) via the dedicated conference platform.
×⚠ Access to the scientific program will be available to registered participants through the AHFE submission system. Program schedule is listed in Hawaii Standard Time (HST)
Conference Program

Scientific and Technical Program

The AHFE 2024 Hawaii Edition Conference will be held December 8-10, 2024 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

The scientific program and technical sessions, subject to change! Technical Sessions scheduled on Monday, December 9 and Tuesday December 10, 2024. Tutorial program will be held Sunday December 8, 2024 to view list of offered tutorials click here.

Registered participants are encouraged to register and attend tutorials and all 2 conference days.

For inclusion in the AHFE 2024 Hawaii Edition Conference Proceedings, Final Program and Publication, at least one registration per submission is required.

ⓘ Hybrid conference program schedule is listed in Hawaii Standard Time (HST) - Honolulu Timezone 

Saturday, Dec 7, 2024
Sunday, Dec 8, 2024
(Tutorials and Plenary Session)
 Monday, Dec 9, 2024
(Technical Sessions Day 1)
Tuesday, Dec 10, 2024
(Technical Sessions Day 2)
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9:00 – 13:00
Tutorials (online only)
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Technical Sessions DAY 1
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Technical Sessions DAY 2

Conference Reception

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AHFE 2024 Hawaii Conference Scientific and Technical Program

Location: Hilton Hawaiian Village - Waikiki Beach Resort
Address: 2005 Kālia Rd, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, USA

Day 1 Technical Sessions
Monday Dec 9, 2024

60 min SessionSESSION
Opening Session and Plenary Speech All  Honolulu Grand Ballroom
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Location: Hilton Hawaiian Village and Waikiki Beach Resort
Address: 2005 Kālia Rd, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, USA

9:00-10:00 (HST)

Refreshments:10:00-10:30 (HST) • Location: Palace Foyer

Day 1 Technical Sessions
Monday Dec 9, 2024

10:30-12:00 (HST) Technical Sessions

90 min SessionSESSION 1 Applications of Technologies in Healthcare and Cognitive Assessment I ATHM AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Nichole Morris and Robert Myers, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Patient gender treatment gaps in tactical combat casualty care of gunshot wounds mitigated by training experience
  Nichole Morris, Curtis Craig, Bradley Drahos, Katelyn Schwieters, Mark Mazzeo, USA

Integrating machine learning with resilience models to assist hospital resilience improvement
  Sheuwen Chuang, Kuei-miao Kuo, Jyun-wei Jhang, Jui-chi Lin, Taiwan

Nurses' work with interruptions: cognitive loading and stress
  Robert Myers, USA

Precursors of surgeons’ intention to purchase interactive shoes: the perspective in Bangladesh
  Dewan Yazdanai, Ambreen Zaman, Bangladesh

Orange-sweet scent reduces stress associated with numerical tasks: A physiological and psychological evaluation
  Ayaka Yamada, Takashi Sakamoto, Toshikazu Kato, Japan

Supervised intelligent-logistical model for access to pre-hospital services in a state of emergency due to COVID-19
  Lorenzo Cevallos, Jesús Rafael Hechavarría Hernández, Victor Gomez, Ecuador

Exploring toddler dexterity in spoon handling: impact of handle cross-section on dynamic tripod grip
  Yu-chen Huang, Johan Chang, Taiwan

90 min SessionSESSION 2 Transportation: Comfort and Safety  Transportation AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Christopher Peters, Germany and Sunwoo Choi, South Korea

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Exploring driving style variations when driving in work zone: A driving simulation study
  Ze Wang, Hongyue Wu, Yunfeng Chen, Jiansong Zhang, James L Jenkins, USA

Optimizing driver seat comfort using vehicle package factors
  Sunwoo Choi, South Korea

Traffic sign visual recognition based on full-reference image quality assessment algorithms
  Duan Wu, Yuhong Ma, China

Examination of the seating comfort for passengers in the driver’s seat of a vehicle while watching TV on an overhead display
  Christopher Peters, Germany

Analyzing the factors influencing scooter usage and safety among young riders in Taiwan
  Huang Fei-Hui, Taiwan

90 min SessionSESSION 3 Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Simulation I AVM AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Ruilin Huang, China and Kangwon Seo, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Light-Tracing: A novel approach for mixed-reality (MR) content creation
  Ruilin Huang, Yining Ge, Lu Chen, Chi Ma, Cong Fang, Le Fang, Xingtong Chen, Yangfan Cong, Stephen Jia Wang, China

Investigating effectiveness of distraction rate: augmented reality-based eye-tracking feature to predict student formative and summative performance
  Kangwon Seo, Sara Mostowfi, Jung Hyup Kim, Fang Wang, Danielle Oprean, Yi Wang, USA

Comparing the efficacy of augmented reality and traditional paper-based instruction methods for assembly tasks
  Md Abdullah, Vibhav Nirmal, Md Mahmudur Rahman, USA

Simulator sickness and performance in AR vs VR: A comparative analysis applied to additive manufacturing
  Tazim Ahmed, Md Abdullah, Yiran Yang, Md Mahmudur Rahman, Shuchisnigdha Deb, USA

Towards virtualized learning: Analysing the integration of augmented reality in Indian design education with adobe aero
  Shoeb Iqbal Khan, Suman Pandey, India

Unlocking the potential of augmented reality in ergonomics: streamlining working posture analysis
  Jorge A. González Mendívil, Miguel X Rodriguez Paz, Eduardo Caballero-montes, Israel Zamora-Hernandez, Mexico


90 min SessionSESSION 4 Ergonomic Evaluation and Biomechanical Modeling PEHF AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Christy Manning and Yunfeng Chen, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
The influence of gender/sex on work-related musculoskeletal disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  Christy Manning, Duha Ali, Shivani Nagrecha, USA

Ergonomic evaluation methods for hand exoskeleton prototypes: A scoping study
  Rui Ribeiro, Celina P Leão, Susana Costa, Vinicius Silva, Portugal

Awkward work postures and tobacco usage as risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders among the operators of mining equipment in underground mines
  Sridhar S., Govinda Raj Mandela, Mangalpady Aruna, Harish Kumar N S, Manjunath C J, Mandela  Govindaraj, India

Biomechanical modeling of subjective fatigue during high-frequency repetitive manual-handling tasks
  Akisue Kuramoto, Masaya Noguchi, Motomu Nakashima, Japan

Awkward work postures and tobacco usage as risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders among the operators of mining equipment in underground mines
  Sridhar S., Govinda Raj Mandela, India

Enhancing workplace ergonomics: Integrating biomechanics and human factors for sustainable performance and well-being
  Harjit Singh, India

Video-based ergonomic risk assessment among transportation maintenance workers in shoveling activities
  Xinran Hu, Xingzhou Guo, Yunfeng Chen, Jiansong Zhang, USA

Technological and engineering solutions to prevention and reduction of hand arm vibration syndrome in the construction industry
  Suma Mwaitenda, Innocent Musonda, South Africa

90 min SessionSESSION 5 Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing I AISC AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Mark Miller and David Kaber, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
The evolution of AI on the commercial flight deck; determining pilot trust of AI to move forward with safer and efficient AI design in the future
  Mark Miller, Sam Holley, Leila Halawi, USA

Implementing an AI fatigue risk management system for aviation maintenance SMS:  A technology enhanced critical process human factors safety measure
  Mark Miller, Bettina Mrusek, Jeff Herbic, Sam Holley, Leila Halawi, USA

Supporting informal sustainability learning with AI-assisted educational technology
  Qiming Sun, Sharon Hsiao, USA

Deep learning forecast of perceptual load using fNIRS data
  Nicolas Grimaldi, David Kaber, Ryan McKendrick, USA

Artificial intelligence in the function of improving port systems
  Alen Jugović, Tanja Poletan Jugović, Renato Oblak, Dražen Žgaljić, Croatia

Formalizing trust in artificial intelligence for built environment decision-making
  Amir Behzadan, USA

90 min SessionSESSION 6 Human Robot Interaction and Collaboration I HCI AHFE 6: Iolani Suite  VI
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Stephen Jia Wang, Hong Kong SAR China and Hokey Min, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Leveraging service robots for enhancing the service quality: Emerging trends and future outlooks
  Hokey Min, USA

Aligning robotic technologies with user expectations for aging in place: A user-centered approach
  Eunah Kim, Lisa D'ambrosio, Chaiwoo Lee, Shabnam Fakhrhosseini, Lauren Cerino, Joseph Coughlin, USA

Assembly Complexity Index (ACI): A framework to evaluate assembly process for validating a modular robotic design
  Kartikeya Walia, Philip Breedon, UK

Designing a human-robot collaborative loop system to reduce work fatigue in redistributing dockless sharing bikes
  Yueru Chen, Yun Lam Daniel Lo, Xinghan Xiao, Weinan Li, Luolin Zhang, Fang Le, Fang Cong, Stephen Jia Wang, Hong Kong SAR China

AiChair: Hands-free AI-enhanced human-robot interface for people with severe mobility impairment
  Jesse Leaman, USA

Refreshments:12:00-12:30 (HST)

Day 1 Technical Sessions
Monday Dec 9, 2024

12:30-13:30 (HST) Technical Sessions

60 min SessionSESSION 8 Applications of Technologies in Healthcare and Cognitive Assessment II ATHM AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Aleksandar Pavic, UK and Matthias Berking, Germany

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Investigating the impact of vertical floor vibration on cognitive performance
  Aleksandar Pavic, Ahmed Mohammed, Alessandro Margnelli, Iason Pelekis, UK

Analysis of pre-flight and monitoring tasks using cognitive performance modeling
  Chihab Nadri, Yunmei Liu, David Kaber, Jaime Ruiz, Maryam Zahabi, USA

Optimizing speech elicitation tasks for machine learning-based depression assessment
  Jonathan Bauer, Maurice Gerczuk, Bjoern Schuller, Matthias Berking, Germany

Basic psychological needs related to information ergonomics and loneliness
  Reetta Oksa, Mia Laine, Edward White, Jussi Okkonen, Finland

A digital human model for symptom progression of vestibular motion sickness based on subjective vertical conflict theory
  Shota Inoue, Hailong Liu, Takahiro Wada, Japan

Cognitive cost assessment in aeronautical tasks: New objective and sensitive method
  Marianne Jarry, Jean-christophe Hurault, Gregory Froger, Anne-lise Marchand, Colin Blättler, France

Innovations in adaptive technology for motor disabilities: An extensive review of trends, optimal design strategies, and their impact on accessibility
  Mayra Carrión, David Morales-martinez, Betsabe Amaguai, Marco Santórum, Ecuador

60 min SessionSESSION 9 Human Robot Interaction and Collaboration II HCI AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Saumil Patel and Denise Simmons, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Human interaction with autonomous delivery robots: Navigating the intersection of psychological acceptance and societal integration
  Saumil Patel, USA

Reimagining human-robot collaboration: Theoretical frameworks and holistic approaches to future work dynamics
  Denise Simmons, Olusola Adesope, USA

Designing social human-robot interactions for calmness. a value sensitive design of “Breathe & Relax with NAO
  Ilona Buchem, Emily Thomas, Germany

60 min SessionSESSION 10 Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing II AISC AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Christian Johannes Pfaff, Germany and Gaurab Baral, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Exploring machine learning and deep learning concepts for enhanced movie recommendation systems: A comprehensive analysis
  Gaurab Baral, Junxiu Zhou, USA

Local modeling methods identify sensitivity in language models
  Andrew Lauziere, Sourya Dey, Shauna Sweet, Michael Robinson, Jonathan Daugherty, Caitlin Burgess, USA

Citizen participation in the age of AI
  Mennatullah Hendawy, Egypt

Semantic difference method for artificial intelligence assisted cruise ship cabin design
  Yuwen Fang, Yitong Qiu, Anthony Kong, Gang Liu, China

Artificial intelligence in green energy sector for sustainable future development
  Babita Babita, India

Do we still need consultants? How AI is reorganising the work of professional service firms
  Christian Johannes Pfaff, Germany

60 min SessionSESSION 11 Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Simulation II AVM AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Gina Hartnett and Jeffrey Kim, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Enhancing construction industry training through augmented reality: A study of student inspectors
  Jeffrey Kim, Darren Olsen, USA

Dynamic InfoGraphics (DIG) Capstone: A concept for transparency of intelligent agent systems using augmented reality
  Gina Hartnett, USA

Creating a more inclusive augmented reality enabled touristic experience in outdoor contexts
  Rita Fernandes, Nina Costa, Teresa Galvão, Antonio Coelho, Portugal

CreteAR: Enhancing learning experiences through tangible transformable artifacts and extended reality
  Antonios Tosios, Asterios Leonidis, Maria Korozi, Nikolaos Menelaos Stivaktakis, Emannouil Apostolakis, Michalis Roulios, Spiros Paparoulis, Emmanouil Stamatakis, Constantine Stephanidis, Greece

Enhancing motorcycle safety through augmented reality: Design and development of a smart helmet prototype
  Georgios Gerentes, Asterios Leonidis, Nikolaos Menelaos Stivaktakis, Maria Korozi, Constantine Stephanidis, Greece

60 min SessionSESSION 12 Cybersecurity and Trust in AI AISC AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Asmaa Aljohani, Saudi Arabia and Ricardo Lugo, Estonia

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Examining the role memory plays in cyber defense evaluation
  Asmaa Aljohani, James Jones, Saudi Arabia

Trust us: A simple model for understanding appropriate trust in AI
  Kyra Wisniewski, Christina Ting, Laura Matzen, USA

Emerging threat of deepfakes: Viability, risks, impacts and mitigations through a practical use case
  Levente Nyusti, John Eidar Simensen, Norway

Threat analysis for an autonomous vehicle system
  Markus Sihvonen, Finland

Teaching cybersecurity and behaviour to maritime students: The influence of self-efficacy on information security beliefs and behaviour
  Ricardo Lugo, Estonia

Balancing digitization and cybersecurity: Assessing business responses and decision-making in the modern era
  Mandeep Pannu, Canada

60 min SessionSESSION 13 Emerging Technologies and Business Applications AET AHFE 6: Iolani Suite  VI
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Panadda Marayong and Sourya Dey, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Development of Android-based messaging application for onboard communication for UAM simulation
  Panadda Marayong, Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Thomas Strybel, Justin Cheung, Vernol Battiste, Maegan Schmitz, Stacey Ahuja, USA

Analyzing large language model behavior via embedding analysis
  Sourya Dey, Michael Robinson, Shauna Sweet, Andrew Lauziere, Jonathan Daugherty, Caitlin Burgess, USA

A hybrid regression method for predicting housing prices
  Gaurab Baral, Junxiu Zhou, USA

Balancing the crankshaft machining line to improve the quality and overall efficiency of production line
  Bhupinder  Singh, India

Experimental investigations on inner surfaces of tubes and pipes for finishing
  Avtar Singh, India

The art of the win-win-win Papakonstantinidis negotiations
  Leonidas Papakonstantinidis, Greece

Decision-making with responsible use of artificial intelligence: A stakeholder perspective
  Hind Benbya, Australia

Day 1 Technical Sessions
Monday Dec 9, 2024

13:30-14:30 (HST) Technical Sessions

60 min SessionSESSION 15 Applications in Healthcare for the Elderly and Special Population  ATHM AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Bahar Khayamian Esfahani, UK and Jendrik Bulk, Germany
13:30-14:30 (HST)
Smart packaging: Overcoming barriers to medication adherence for older adults
  Bahar Khayamian Esfahani, Jelena Milisavljevic-Syed, Kalok C. Lee, UK

Segmentation of augmented reality 3D meshes to discover in home safe walking spaces for older adults
  Aaron Crandall, USA

Development of a training simulator and testing environment for electric wheelchair controls
  Jendrik Bulk, Benjamin Tannert, Germany

Designing effective online learning systems for the elderly: A positive experience approach
  Zhiwei Zhou, Tao Xi, China

Supporting inclusive approach for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) social environment
  Annalisa Di Roma, Alessandra Scarcelli, Italy

A model for investigating the impact of virtual reality on emotional resilience through creative expression in vulnerable populations
  Raffaella Folgieri, Claudio Lucchiari, Italy

"We also need to travel by air" - Human factors perspective on air travel for individuals with disabilities
  Wajdi Wazzan, Saudi Arabia

60 min SessionSESSION 16 Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing III AISC AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Alana Nagy and Hassan Davani, USA

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Investigating common factors needed for consumers to trust AI\ML
  Alana Nagy, Bruce Nagy, Scot Miller, USA 

Enhancing photographic art through emerging technologies: A study on augmented reality and artificial intelligence integration
  Rodolfo Ward, Brazil

Predictive model for partner agencies dependency on food banks
  Henry Ivuawuogu, Steven Jiang, Lauren Davis, Mikaya Hamilton, USA

Intelligent flood detection to assist homeless communities residing along river margins
  Hassan Davani, USA

Assessment of heritage buildings maintenance using AI and IoT: A South African perspective
  Katlane Seema, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

60 min SessionSESSION 17 Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Simulation III AVM AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Aijun Wang, China and Jussi Okkonen, Finland

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Design and realization of fire escape system
  Aijun Wang, China

Technology relationship, algorithmic thinking and task performance with UxV
  Jussi Okkonen, Mia Laine, Christian Andersson, Finland

Enhancing user satisfaction and accessibility in VR: A comparative analysis of different user interfaces
  Faith Sowell, Daniel Rodarte, Yiran Yang, Shuchisnigdha Deb, USA

User experience of virtual reality in healthcare clinical training
  Lizhu Zhang, Cecilia Xi Wang, USA

Virtual experiential design in the context of intangible cultural heritage: A case study of filigree VR design
  Yue Gu, Jintao Liu, Yuxuan Li, China

60 min SessionSESSION 18 Tutorial: CDC’s Virtual Reality Laboratory Training Program: Virtual Training, Real Comfort TLS AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Speaker:  Joseph Rothschild, USA

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Maturity frameworks provide a structure for assessing key performance metrics of an organization and provide guidelines for assessment and growth in various areas of an organization. Design maturity frameworks focus more on a human-centered approach in assessing the human motivational factors that create enjoyable and sustainable workplace practices. Identifying factors that improve or inhibit the productivity of processes can help individuals and organizations design better workplace experiences.  This tutorial will introduce audience to the theoretical foundations of design maturity frameworks and suggest ways to build a human-centered model that is built around enjoyable and sustainable design processes, customized for individual and organizational growth.

60 min SessionSESSION 19 Human-Centered Design and Human–Computer Interaction I HCD AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 1
Mon Dec 9

Co-Chairs: Alexander Kreis, Austria and Siva Mathiyazhagan, USA

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Harmonizing user-centered design and operational efficiency in battery electric vehicles: Navigating the electric dilemma for sustainable mobility
  Alexander Kreis, Mario Hirz, Christoph Stocker, Austria

Digital healing: co-designing with youth for digital creative arts space for community mental wellbeing
  Siva Mathiyazhagan, Andrea Ngan, Eileen Feng, Avani Alvarez, Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Seul Ki Choi, Manvi Kaul, Sebin Lee, USA

A Lexical Analysis of online reviews on human-AI interactions
  Parisa Arbab, Xiaowen Fang, USA

Human-centred design in AI era: Inclusive AI assistance for visually impaired persons in recycling practice
  Kin Wai Michael Siu, Hong Kong SAR China

The multi-dimensional nature of human-centered design: An analysis of the Seiko Bell-Matic wristwatch using information-theoretic methodologies
  Lance Chong, Canada

Flexible and inclusive housing: Adaptation to the changing needs of inhabitants
  Daniela Bosia, Giulia Marchiano, Italy

Day 2 Technical Sessions
Tuesday Dec 10, 2024

9:00-10:00 (HST) Technical Sessions

60 min SessionSESSION 22 Human-Technology and Future of Work I HTFW AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Mia Laine, Finland and Antoni Kopyt, Poland

9:00-10:00 (HST)
Self-efficacy and self-regulation variation in different modes of work
  Jussi Okkonen, Reetta Oksa, Edward White, Mia Laine, Finland

Visual literacy proposed as an imperative to better address complex problems
  Manuela Maia, Portugal

Design and testing of a drone pilot training system using mixed reality
  Antoni Kopyt, Poland

Automated method for quantitative measurement of underground construction sites using iPhone LiDAR Point Cloud Data
  Tsukasa Mizutani, Japan

Accelerating incident resolution in production lines: Integrating shift and skill management with mobile technologies
  Florian Maier, Matthias Kammermeyer, Michael Oberle, Germany

Towards holistic work system design: Concept for a method to analyze, represent and evaluate industrial, sociotechnical work systems
  Roland Hall, Simon Schumacher, Germany

60 min SessionSESSION 23 Tutorial: Testing Parts in Isolation: Reducing Confounds with Experimental Design UUE AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Speaker:  Jen Romano, USA

9:00-10:00 (HST)
Oftentimes in UX research, we test different versions of an interface, aiming to understand which is best. We conduct A/B testing in the lab and launch live experiments, collecting data such as clicks and time on page. We collect data on user sentiment and satisfaction, and we think we understand which version will perform better in the wild. We come to a conclusion based on our data, but we never really know WHY one version performed better than the other. This makes it difficult to extrapolate our findings to other products and experiences we work on. It makes it impossible to understand if a version performed better due to the language or elements of the design. This is why it is important to test parts in isolation. In this tutorial, learn how to use the Testing Parts in Isolation (TPI) Framework: a rigorous methodology used by teams at IDEO and Google.

60 min SessionSESSION 24 User Experience Design and Usability Evaluation I HCI AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Shuichi Fukuda, Japan and Vanessa Nasr, USA

9:00-10:00 (HST)
From interface to interaction
  Shuichi Fukuda, Japan

Development of a single usability metric that accounts for accessibility (SUMA)
  Vanessa Nasr, Maryam Zahabi, USA

Smart healthcare origins: A heuristic evaluation framework and innovative strategies for medical device IFU design
  Yuhang Jiang, Mengfei Liu, China

The impact of resolution and material selection on a prototype assessment
  Vitor Pais, Álvaro M. Sampaio, Nelson Costa, António J. Pontes, Portugal

Active learning for disinformation with human machine teaming
  Madison Salmon, Emily Kemp, Elizabeth Morris, USA

A strategy to raise employee wellbeing in human-centered and networked manufacturing
  Bhupinder  Singh, India

Human-centric analysis of a pallet loading process: User Journey Map and Design Thinking for needs assessments
  Isabel Varajão, Rosane Sampaio, Iara Margolis, Emanuel Sousa, Sérgio Monteiro, Luis Louro, Nuno Ribeiro, Rafael Pedro, Estela Bicho, Portugal

60 min SessionSESSION 25 Computation and Intelligent Design CID AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Varit Intrama, Thailand and Bobby Mathew, UAE

9:00-10:00 (HST)
Digital transformation readiness level of Royal Thai Air Force
  Varit Intrama, Thailand

Organisational change and building human-tech resilience in Industry 5.0
  Daniel Rukare, Nikhil  Soi, Asmita Singh Bisen, UK

Failure of technology
  Bipin C Desai, Canada

Ergonomic problem and solution identification while applying image captioning with embedded ergonomics knowledge
  Gunwoo Yong, Quan Miao, Meiyin Liu, Sanghyun Lee, USA

Contemporary innovative application of ancient glaze craft under the perspective of non-heritage revitalization
  Yuxi Yuan, Yan Luo, China

Use of computational fluid dynamics in the design and analysis of heat exchange devices
  Bobby Mathew, Fadi Alnaimat, UAE

60 min SessionSESSION 26 Education and Training  TLS AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Jihoon Shin, China and Michael Oetken, USA

9:00-10:00 (HST)
Education and training using digital twin in hazardous chemical manufacturing plants
  Jihoon Shin, Juhyung Son, China

Using media equation theory to assess anthropomorphism of intelligent virtual reality training systems in organizational settings
  Michael Oetken, USA

Analysis of students’ perception for using business process modeling to improve organizational operations
  Małgorzata Oleś-Filiks, Poland

Prevention through innovation: Innovative method and tools for the effectiveness of experiential training for workers working in confined spaces
  Luciano  Di Donato, Marco Pirozzi, Andrea  Cordisco, Massimo Spagnuolo, Daniela  Freda, Antonia Biagi, Loriana Ricciardi, Italy

Innovation and trends in human resources: Analysis of improvement strategies in graduation projects from a master's in hr and human talent management
  Nelson Lay, Luis Felipe Vergara Maldonado, Paula Riquelme, Andres Rubio, Chile

Enhancing flight deck resilience and optimizing risk mitigation: A sociotechnical approach
  Kimberly Perkins, USA

Use of role play in online social studies teaching for elementary school students: Recommendations and discussion
  Yifeng Zhong, Johan Chang, China

60 min SessionSESSION 27 Human-Centered Design and Design for Inclusion I HCD AHFE 6: Iolani Suite  VI
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Wenshu Sun, China and Shuichi Fukuda, Japan

9:00-10:00 (HST)
Inclusive landscape design of community parks based on analyzing recreational behavior of migrant elderly
  Wenshu Sun, Yeshan Qiu, Bingqin Yu, Yun Wang, China

Creating thoughtful world
  Shuichi  Fukuda, Japan

Designing for inclusion: Storytelling as a tool in the sense-friendly classroom makeover journey
  Beata Fabisiak, Robert Kłos, Anna Jankowska, Aleksandra Cierpiszewska, Poland

Development of an inclusive superhero sensory garden for children: Ideation matrix and design specifications to accommodate diverse needs
  Robert Kłos, Beata Fabisiak, Adrianna Oset, Poland

Hollywood regency: American design under the influence of Chinoiserie
  Ellen Zhu, China

Design of university management oriented for human factors through PMP: Case study of UCJK with locations in Panama and Peru
  Jesus Rafael Hechavarria Hernandez, Victor Gomez, Silvia Tejada, Ecuador

60 min SessionSESSION 28 Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing IV AISC AHFE 7: Iolani Suite  VII
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Yoojoon Seoung, South Korea and Jun Bum Shin, USA

9:00-10:00 (HST)
Integrating deep learning and tree-search algorithms for autonomous emergency management in nuclear power plants
  Yoojoon Seoung, Junyong Bae, Seung jun Lee, South Korea

Playful learning in higher education with artificial intelligence:  Students’ perception of playful co-creation with generative AI
  Marjaana Kangas, Katriina Heljakka, Kati Suomi, Finland

AI from below: The co-production of artificial intelligence
  Mennatullah Hendawy, Egypt

What if drones could be entangled? Towards the management of a swarm of drones as a non-local quantum object
  Serge Chaumette, France

New challenge to creativity: Impact and complexity of artificial intelligence on art and design
  Jun Bum Shin, USA

Refreshments:10:00-10:30 (HST)

Day 2 Technical Sessions
Tuesday Dec 10, 2024

10:30-12:00 (HST) Technical Sessions

90 min SessionSESSION 29 Human-Centered Design and Human–Computer Interaction II HCD AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Stig O Johnsen, Norway and Bethany Lowndes, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
The human-centered design approach for operational workflow re-design: A case study in safety for agricultural automotive industry
  Marialaura Delvechio, Silvia Chiesa, Roberto Montanari, Francesco Tesauri, Italy

Scientific structure for human centered implementation and change management for healthcare innovation: Iterative participatory design
  Bethany Lowndes, Callista Sibilia, Kara Tomlinson, Breanna Hetland, USA

Meaningful human control of automation and remote operation
  Stig O. Johnsen, Norway

Creating emotionally resonant user experiences in response to ever-evolving challenges in open distance e-Learning institutions
  Petra Le Roux, Corne Van Staden, South Africa

Advancing Industry 5.0 in Saudi Arabia: Enhancing human-AI interaction for industrial efficiency
  Abdalla Alrashdan, Saudi Arabia

90 min SessionSESSION 30 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship CIE AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Christian Schiller, Germany and Yasmine Alaoui, Morocco

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Team creativity and innovation: What matters?
  Daniel Badro, Xiaowen Fang, Olayele Adelakun, USA

Major events: Lever of territorial attractiveness and accelerant of development especially when the citizen participates
  Yasmine Alaoui, Morocco

Frugal innovation - how to leverage the power of SME collaboration
  Liza Wohlfart, Germany

Meeting practical requirements for assessing skills: A framework for a multi-dimensional, layer-based and dynamic competency model
  Steffen Jansing, Julian Schallow, Paula Danhausen, Nele Schulte-uebbing, Gerrit Hoeborn, Jochen Deuse, Germany

The awakening role of design in social innovation
  Zhaoyi Kang, Yijun Liu, Mengfei Liu, China

A role concept in product-service system design in SME: Use case study
  Christian Schiller, Mike Freitag, Oliver Hämmerle, Germany

Development of NFT secondary market model considering scarcity effect
  Tomohisa Hayakawa, Japan

90 min SessionSESSION 31 Human-Technology and Future of Work II HTFW AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs:  Wilhelm Bauer, Germany and Khanssa Lagdami, Sweden

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Copilot, colleague, companion, controller – The roles of AI in the future of knowledge work
  Udo-Ernst Haner, Wilhelm Bauer, Germany

Technostress and the future of work at sea
  Khanssa Lagdami, Sweden

Inclusivity in Industry 5.0: Fostering cooperation between artificial intelligence and the ageing workforce
  Andrea Lucchese, Salvatore Digiesi, Giorgio Mossa, Giovanni Mummolo, Italy

The emerging technology-related stressors scale: Assessing the impact of ICTS in the hybrid context
  Georgia Libera Finstad, Gabriele Giorgi, Matteo Curcuruto, Valentina Sommovigo, Italy

Facilitating technology diffusion: Unveiling the dynamics of emerging technologies in construction project sites
  Samuel Adekunle, Beauty John, Andrew Ebekozien, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

AutoGen-based BIM coordinator for improving interactions with tools in building design coordination meetings
  Yaxian Dong, Yuqing Hu, Zijun Zhan, USA

90 min SessionSESSION 32 User Experience Design and Usability Evaluation II HCI AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs:  Nikolay Simakov and Joy Borgardt, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Modeling users on high-performance computing resources
  Nikolay Simakov, USA

The in-home advantage: Usability research and participatory design where it matters most
  Trevor Johnson, Joy Borgardt, USA

Development of a dynamic visual acuity training software based on baseball situations to improve users' dynamic visual ability
  Yu Hsiu Hung, Bo-wei Chen, Taiwan

Revisiting the brief nuclear usability measure: a preliminary evaluation of its validity and reliability using licensed operators
  Casey Kovesdi, USA

An approach to system architecture design through usability heuristics
  Duha Ali, Preston Myers, USA

Optimizing UX design to enhance user confidence in digital products
  Vivian Li, Peiyi Sun, Yihyun Lim, USA

Exploring reading efficiency in first-grade students through eye-tracking technology
  Hilal Al-maqbali, Bader Alsinani, Ali Alriyami, Ruqaia Alshezawi, Oman

90 min SessionSESSION 33 Applications in Learning Sciences and Education I TLS AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Kim-Phuong L. Vu and Erin Arruda, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Use of Chatbots as an educational tool
  Krystal Cachola, Kim-Phuong L. Vu, USA

Research-infused courses are effective for online and in-person education
  Erin Arruda, Arturo Zavala, Panadda Marayong, Jesse Dillon, Chi-ah Chun, Kim-Phuong L. Vu, USA

Pre-Professor Program: A virtual training program to improve faculty diversity
  Arturo Zavala, Laura Henriques, Erin Arruda, Chi-ah Chun, Kim-Phuong L. Vu, USA

Developing support for braille users studying STEM subjects
  Björn Westling, Yvonne Eriksson, Sweden

Learning through immersive narratives: Investigating storytelling and augmented reality for knowledge gain in education
  Shoeb Iqbal Khan, Bushra Kureshi, India

Creating safer psychosocial learning environments through Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  Terhi Kärpänen, Timo Savolainen, Finland

An interactive virtual assistant for flexible just in time training
  Glenn Taylor, Jeffrey Craighead, Kortney Menefee, Logan Lebanoff, Christopher Ballinger, Stephen Mcgee, USA

90 min SessionSESSION 34 User Experience Research: Decoding User Preferences UUE AHFE 6: Iolani Suite  VI
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Tzu-hsin Kao, Taiwan and Joana Lessa, Portugal

10:30-12:00 (HST)
The impact of digital device configuration on elementary students' experience of writing traditional Chinese characters: A preliminary study
  Tzu-hsin Kao, Johan Chang, Taiwan

Chinese Yunnan Pu-er tea ecological branding design for the Japanese market
  Rei Hashiba, Japan

Information availability and accessibility regarding ecological products offered in online stores – a case of retail chains
  Natalia Kozik, Bartłomiej Kabaja, Dainora Gedvilaitė, Poland

Water heritage, experience design, and post-digital museum: A case study of a local water museum
  Joana Lessa, Portugal

Empowering process engineers with natural user interfaces for product analysis and documentation – A case study in battery cell manufacturing
  Matthias Kammermeyer, Florian Maier, Johannes Wanner, Germany

A conceptual framework for designers to gain empathetic insights and bridge contextual gaps in developing office vitality interventions
  Xiang Yu, China

90 min SessionSESSION 35 Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Simulation IV AVM AHFE 7: Iolani Suite  VII
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Jayfus Doswell and Duo Wang, USA

10:30-12:00 (HST)
Artificial-Intelligence police E-instructor delivered through ergonomically advanced augmented reality eyewear
  Jayfus Doswell, USA

Virtual reality media consumption: uncovering user interaction behavioral patterns through cluster analysis
  Duo Wang, Qingxiao Zheng, USA

Student opinions when viewing 360-degee virtual reality content via flat screen displays versus head mounted displays: A pilot study
  Brian Mihalik, Ali Iskender, Aisha Haynes, Linda Mihalik, USA

Effects of daylight intensity on emotion regulation in a virtual healing space
  Han Zhang, Diyu Zhou, China

The wide area virtual environment - experience in using a novel immersive environment for medical team training
  Alan Liu, USA

Refreshments:12:00-12:30 (HST)

Day 2 Technical Sessions
Tuesday Dec 10, 2024

12:30-13:30 (HST) Technical Sessions

60 min SessionSESSION 36 Applications in Learning Sciences and Education II TLS AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Lake Crowell, USA and  José Gómez, Spain

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Practice of data science education with an emphasis on collaboration between industry and academia
  Naomi Nagata, Japan

Determination of women patentees and their impact on participatory ergonomics in STEM
  Lake Crowell, USA

Didactic strategies with the use of artificial intelligence in education
  José Gómez, Spain

A framework for developing collaborative community building tools for novice computer science students
  Daniel Olivares, Jakob Kubicki, Katie Imhof, USA

Elementary students' reflection tool for content suggestions and discussion
  Yi Hsuan Tsai, Johan Chang, Taiwan

Using computational fluid dynamics for improved teaching and education of engineering students
  Fadi Alnaimat, Bobby Mathew, UAE

60 min SessionSESSION 37 Application of Emerging Technologies AET AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Ahmad Turki, Saudi Arabia and Serpil Aytaç, Turkey

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Design and comparative evaluation of IPG against PPG, Sphygmomanometer and Finapres for cuffless blood pressure monitoring
  Ahmad Turki, Enas Raml, Arwa Ibrahim Raml, Saudi Arabia

Sick building syndrome and its relationship with job stress as a psycho-social risk: The shopping mall example
  Serpil Aytaç, Husre Gizem Akalp, Turkey

Enhancing nautical design through emotion detection: A machine learning approach
  Laura Pagani, Paolo Gemelli, Mario Ivan Zignego, Alessandro Bertirotti, Italy

Procedural justice in human-machine interaction: An ethical approach to designing the use of medical algorithms
  Andreas Wolkenstein, Georg Marckmann, Germany

A lifecycle assessment of grass derived food ingredients
  Anne Mumbi, UK

Non-contact physiological monitoring of heart rate, facial temperature, and respiratory rate with thermal and RGB cameras
  Mickael Causse, Christophe Hurter, France

60 min SessionSESSION 38 User Experience Design and Usability Evaluation III UUE AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Johanna Schäfer, Germany and Noor Obeidat, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Can joint displays be used to communicate implications of a usability test? A mixed-methods case study based on a laser operation interface
  Johanna Schäfer, Germany

Bridging the gap: Enhancing mobility and usability in industrial devices for operational efficiency
  Bahar Khayamian Esfahani, Souleymane Boundaouda Camara, UK

Enhancing the onboarding experience in wearable technology for research applications
  Sara Amani, Noor Obeidat, Thomas Ferris, Kristi Shryock, USA

Enhancing student experience in inclusive design through embodied minority experiences: A case study on left-handedness
  Daigo Misaki, Samu Hong, Japan

Mapping the evolution of tangible user interface: A bibliometric analysis and future trends
  Zhitao Yu, China

60 min SessionSESSION 39 Transportation: Autonomous and Automated Vehicles Transportation AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Christoph Stocker, Austria and Kenneth Nemire, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Advanced sustainable mobility:  A novel human-machine interaction approach supporting energy efficient driving
  Christoph Stocker, Alexander Kreis, Mario Hirz, Austria

Evaluation of the risky behaviors of autonomous vehicle rideshare vehicles in San Francisco
  Kenneth Nemire, USA

Assistive technology system for highly automated vehicles to support people with cognitive disabilities: A user-centered design approach
  Alexandra Kondyli, USA

The expectation of intention expression in autonomous driving scenarios
  Hanxi Pan, Xiang Ji, Qi Gao, Xinyu Zhang, Bofan Wang, Yili Yin, Yanfang Liu, Zaifeng Gao, China

Auto-generating road trip vlogs while safe-driving: A human-vehicle-environment system for capturing and editing scenic views en route
  Zichun Guo, Xianning Meng, Haiqing Xu, Zumeng Liu, Lingkan Wang, Jiawei Chen, China

60 min SessionSESSION 40 Methodological Offers of Innovative Agonology SIPOR AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Roman Maciej Kalina and Artur Kruszewski, Poland    
12:30-13:30 (HST)
Preventive medicine: The most prestigious profession of the near future
  Roman Maciej Kalina, Poland

Methodological and mental distance to the dissemination of vertical test fight between girls and boys
  Michal Kruszewski, Wojciech Niedomagala, Wieslaw Blach, Artur Litwiniuk, Poland

Measurement of motivation and effects of physical effort during two motor learning sessions with multifaceted variation:  Violin playing and safe fall
  Elizabeth Waszkiewicz, Artur Kruszewski, Poland

The relationship between cognitive and behavioral potentials for adults resistant to motor modifications and the effect of learning safe falls
  Bartłomiej Gąsienica-Walczak, Artur Kalina, Poland

The impact of sleep deprivation and moderate physical activity on the ability to tolerate body balance disturbance - the context of military training
  Andrzej Tomczak, Poland

60 min SessionSESSION 41 Human-Centered Design and Human–Computer Interaction III HCD AHFE 6: Iolani Suite  VI
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Ziting Gong and Jia Wang, Japan 

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Analysis of the key points of sign design in Japanese park guidelines
  Jia Wang, Yasuyuki Hirai, Japan

Bioclimatic design principles for urban climate resilience: A review of industry adaptations
  Nokulunga Mashwama, South Africa

Impact of audience presence on pressure and running performance: The potential of AR presence
  Ziting Gong, Hideaki Kanai, Japan

Human-centric design in construction 4.0 technologies: Navigating ethical challenges
  Lucy Kubjana, Clinton Aigbavboa, Peter Adekunle, South Africa

Gamified rehabilitation: Advancing pediatric physical therapy through motion-capture serious games
  Marco Santórum, David Morales-martinez, Byron Salvador, Verónica-Gabriela Maldonado-Garcés, Mayra Carrión, Ecuador

60 min SessionSESSION 42 Workshop: Design Maturity Frameworks for Enjoyable and Sustainable Design Practices in Organizations HCD AHFE 7: Iolani Suite  VII
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Speakers:  Nandhini Giri and Erik Stolterman, USA

12:30-13:30 (HST)
Design maturity frameworks focus more on a human-centered approach in assessing the human motivational factors that create enjoyable and sustainable workplace practices. Identifying factors that improve or inhibit the productivity of processes can help individuals and organizations design better workplace experiences. This tutorial will introduce audience to the theoretical foundations of design maturity frameworks and suggest ways to build a human-centered model that is built around enjoyable and sustainable design processes, customized for individual and organizational growth.

Day 2 Technical Sessions
Tuesday Dec 10, 2024

13:30-14:30 (HST) Technical Sessions

60 min SessionSESSION 43 Transportation: Aviation and Driver Engagement Transportation AHFE 1: Iolani Suite  I
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Abner Flores, USA and Luis Yañez, Chile

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Tool for analysis of the traffic of vertical take-off and landing aircraft in urban agglomerations
  Antoni Kopyt, Poland

Advancing perspectives: A scoping review of artificial intelligence applications in aviation human factors for flight crews
  Abner Flores, Alexander Paselk, Ian Mcandrew, USA

Humanitarian logistics and routing problem in a multi-dimensional representation network, including material convergence and deprivation costs
  Luis Yañez, Chile

Assessing driver engagement in assisted driving: Insights from pilot evaluation, focus groups and driving simulator testing
  Francesco Deiana, James Jackson, Cristina Periago Linares, Spain

Enhancing the mental health through a multisensorial experience in the vehicle interior
  Franziska Braun, Koray Hergül, Alina Bachofer, Katharina  Bolius , Germany

The kinematics of motocross sports: Quantifying rider-vehicle-interactions in motocross using inertial measurement units
  Marie Ostermeier, Sigfrid - Laurin Sindinger, Austria

60 min SessionSESSION 44 Workshop: Creating Healthier Team Functionality & Product Team Alignment Through Play TLS AHFE 2: Iolani Suite  II
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Speaker, Kendall Wallace, USA

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Ever notice that design and product are sometimes at odds? Or how conflict can derail output? What can you and your colleagues learn from aligning through play? Hint: a lot. Well in this talk, we’re going to show you the role that trust and connection play on a team, particularly a cross-functional product team in search of alignment. In addition, we’re going to see the benefit of utilizing our UX Researcher skill set in helping to create activities that connect teammates–ones whose impact lasts for 4-5 months. In this interactive workshop, learn how embodied experiences and play can impact trust, and meaningful work relationships. You will walk away with tangible tactics to use in your next team meeting, readout, roadmapping session, or offsite. This talk will be led by Kendall Wallace, former UX Researcher at Meta, and now CEO and Lead Facilitator of Executive Offsites, who utilizes her UX skill set to solve for team dynamic challenges in the workplace.

60 min SessionSESSION 45 Safety Management and Human Performance  SM AHFE 3: Iolani Suite  III
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs: Adel Badri, Canada and Kim Kyeongseo, South Korea

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Use of ANSI/HFES Human Readiness Level to ensure safety in automation
  Stig O. Johnsen, Hedvig Aminoff, Norway

Optimized and accelerated simulation using intermediate state storage (OASIS) for dynamic probabilistic safety assessment
  Kim Kyeongseo, Wooseok Jo, Junyong Bae, Seung jun Lee, South Korea

Dynamic risk assessment through automatic accident sequences generation using optimized simulation of nuclear power plants
  Wooseok Jo, Junyong Bae, Seung jun Lee, South Korea

Towards a better assessment of the OHS performance of complex systems-case of study in Canadian and Tunisian manufacturing environment
  Hajer Jemai, Adel Badri, Nabil Ben Fredj, Canada

Integrating ‘designing for construction health, safety, and ergonomics’ into architectural education and training in South Africa
  John Smallwood, South Africa

Statistical analysis on safety culture awareness of regulatory institute for nuclear facilities
  Jitae Kim, South Korea

Safety investigation for the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 28, 2022
  Steven Prouty, USA

60 min SessionSESSION 46 Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance HERRP AHFE 4: Iolani Suite  IV
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs:  Kenneth Wylie, Canada and Susan Xu, USA

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Self evident approaches to managing human hazards
  Kenneth Wylie, Canada

Optimization of the size and distribution of phase change material (PCM) in firefighters’ turnout gear
  Susan Xu, Jonisha Pollard, Weihuan Zhao, USA

Novel interpretation of non-compliance behavior with procedures on Korean nuclear power plants
  Dongjin Kim, South Korea

Sustainable material selection to advance environmental responsibility in the built environment
  Nokulunga Mashwama, South Africa

Analysis of the compliance to the safety, hygiene and health regulations applied to the hydrocarbon sector of the industrial corridor
  Corina Flores Hernández, Mexico

60 min SessionSESSION 47 Human-Centered Design and Design for Inclusion II HCD AHFE 5: Iolani Suite  V
Day 2
Tues Dec 10

Co-Chairs:  Stefania Camplone and Alessandra Scarcelli, Italy

13:30-14:30 (HST)
Circular materials for eco-craftsmanship - development of a wool-based biocomposite for 3D printing of Abruzzo region craft products
  Stefania Camplone, Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Gabriella Petrucci, Italy

Experiencing digital fashion:  A methodological approach to the hybrid fruition of outerwear
  Alessandra Scarcelli, Annalisa Di Roma, Italy

Color impressions in images of decorated interiors and furniture are influenced by differences in color vision
  Atsushi Kido, Toshikazu Kato, Takashi Sakamoto, Japan

Artifacts as means to investigate real and future worlds
  Nishanth Srikanth, USA

Guidelines for the design of digital platforms for wellness and inclusion: Shaping future community of citizens
  Annalisa Di Roma, Alessandra Scarcelli, Giulia Annalinda Neglia, Italy

Poster/Demonstration Sessions

Room: Honolulu Suite 

Virtual Room: AHFE Posters

  Day 1 Poster Demonstration Session
Monday Dec 9, 2024
  Time: 10:00-14:00
A1 Interdisciplinary application of fractal algorithms in astrological symbol graphic design in the field of product packaging
  Shengdong Zhou, Eakachat Joneurairatana, Veerawat Sirvesmas, Yan Wang, Thailand
A2 Strategic enhancement of C-UAS through advanced human-computer collaborative command and control mechanism
  Yinan Zhao, Zhanxun Dong, Gang Liu, Xiaozhang Dong, Suiping Hu, China
A3 Differential scrubbing of toxic volatile organic compounds from BBQ smoke leaving desirable compounds behind
  Ronald Gruber, Nikolas Kalamas, USA
A4 Dynamic information compression for lifelong robot learning
  Nobuhito Manome, Shuji Shinohara, Shunji Mitsuyoshi, Ung-il Chung, Japan
A5 User experience approach based on the agreement of software usage rules
  Shinichi Fukuzumi, Japan
A6 A survey on the interesting and unexpected exterior design of Japanese Yen shop products
  Mikako Tsurugasaki, Namgyu Kang, Japan
A7 Promoting regional identity through dialects
  Sato Gai, Namgyu Kang, Japan
A8 CatMapper: User interface support for large complex categories and semantic data exploration
  Sharon Hsiao, USA
A9 Creative collaborator: AI-facilitated UI for creating engaging and insightful memes
  Romeo Nickel, Sharon Hsiao, USA
A10 Human-centered design based on the Double Diamond Model for optimizing hybrid game design
  Risheng Liang, Sauman Chu, Debra Lawton, Guobin Pan, USA
A11 Ultra-flexible textile-based glove system for rehabilitation and robotics
  Joelle Beauchamp, Mahendran Balasubramanian, Thamizhisai Periyaswamy, USA
A12 Comparison of floor-dragging methods with courier services
  Hong-in Cheng, Jun Jie Deng, South Korea
A13 Correlation between intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance experience and processing, exploitation, and dissemination efficacy: ISR assessment
  Justin Nelson, USA
A14 Autonomous behavior of bipedal robot by learning time-series camera images
  Manabu Motegi, Japan
A15 Menu choice support system for unfamiliar foods
  Atsuhiro Watanabe, Namgyu Kang, Japan
A16 Evaluation of four emergency duty medical institution websites based on city population
  Yuki Uenoya, Namgyu Kang, Japan
A17 Assessing factors influencing transportation choices in Taiwan
  Huang Fei-Hui, Taiwan
A18 Analysis of distracted pedestrians crossing behavior: an immersive virtual reality application
  Methusela Sulle, USA
A19 Understanding bicyclist behavior and perception of B2X advanced warning messages within virtual reality
  Austin Angulo, Ye Wang, USA
A20 Evaluation of new measures of spatial ability and attention control for selection of naval flight students
  Joseph Coyne, Christopher Draheim, Ciara Sibley, Cyrus Foroughi, Sarah Melick, Nicholas Armendariz, Alexander Burgoyne, Randall Engle, USA
A21 Use of wearable devices for healthcare monitoring
  Kiran Paudel, Kamal Gautam, Roman Shrestha, Nepal
A22 Cognitive and behavioral dynamics in AI integration within human resource management
  Karin Reinhold, Estonia
A23 Translating expert intuition into actionable features: Leveraging LLM to encode investigator domain knowledge for enhanced predictive modeling
  Xianlong Zeng, Yijing Gao, USA
A24 Dissimilar materials welding with a standoff-free vaporizing foil actuator between dissimilar materials
  Yuhyeong Jeong, Wonjoo Lee, Wonchul Lee, Sukjoon Hong, Junho Oh, Jonghun Yoon, South Korea
A25 An eco-friendly material framework via metaverse integration for cutting-edge aerospace technology: An expert consensus for systems engineering
  Janne Heilala, Finland

  Day 2 Poster Demonstration Session
Tuesday Dec 10, 2024
  Time: 10:00-14:00
B1 Comparison of race walking and power walking at varying paces by expressing movement in the frequency domain
  Tomoki Inoue, Kyoko Shibata, Japan
B2 Timbre estimation of compound tones from an auditory cortex by deep learning using fMRI: Sound pressure levels detection of specific frequencies
  Junnosuke Kusumoto, Kyoko Shibata, Hironobu Satoh, Japan
B3 Air conditioner operating system based the concept of Benefit of Inconvenience (Bol)
  Haruki Tanaka, Kodai Furumachi, Haruaki Kobayashi, Namgyu Kang, Japan
B4 User experience design of poultry welfare courses
  Laura Huisinga, Katy Tarrant, USA
B5 Analysis of human factors in container ships' marine accidents
  Nermin Hasanspahić, Vlado Frančić, Marko Strabić, Ivan Krivokapić, Croatia
B6 Impact of warning information provision systems under autonomous vehicle vulnerable situation in urban mixed traffic conditions
  Songha Lee, Hojae Kim, Nuri Park, Juneyoung Park, South Korea
B7 Health care and housing megaprojects
  Jessica Garcia, Mexico
B8 Environments that improve the user's quality of life
  Enrique Aarón García Vázquez, Miguel angel cruz domínguez Hernández, Selene Margarita Vazquez Soto, Mexico
B9 Empowering surgeons by mitigating musculoskeletal disorders and advancing needle holder design for optimal performance
  Ahmed Basager, Quintin Williams, Sai Arasada, Luis Hernandez, Kaliah Linear, Angelica Mangahas, Heather Weinreich, USA
B10 Antenna technique in energy recovery systems
  Marian Wnuk, Poland
B11 Optimizing employee experience in hybrid and remote work models: A multi-industry study
  Prasoon  Mishra, Priti P, Anurika Vaish, India
B12 Computational design of a naval unit for rapid intervention in case of marine eco-system disaster
  Alexandra Gabriela Ene, Carmen Mihai, Romania
B13 Advanced numerical simulations for seakeeping performance analysis of a floating architecture based on textile structure
  Alexandra Gabriela Ene, Carmen Mihai, Romania
B14 Machine learning-enhanced back muscle strength prediction in lifting
  Kyungsun Lee, South Korea
B15 Examining the impact of smartphone racing games on pedestrians' risk-taking behaviors
  Akhmad Fajri Widodo, Chih-wei Pai, Taiwan
B16 Understanding drivers' perceptions and usage of advanced driver assistance systems
  Hannah Musau, USA
B17 Human factors considerations and ergonomic assessment in distribution centers
  Sebastian Pelaez, Jairo Parra, Colombia
B18 The impact of industrial noise on workers psychologically and organically: An applied study in the BMS Electric company in Algiers
  Bayoub Aissa, Algeria
B19 Potential for sustainable development of global important agricultural heritage systems amid the rise of digital nomadism
  Menghan Zhang, Mo Wang, China
B20 Identifying and mapping high-value agricultural heritage under threat of urbanization in China
  Mo Wang, Menghan Zhang, China
B21 Development of human health management platform using blockchain
  Min Choi, Eru Choi, South Korea

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